12 20 MassInc toplines tables
12 20 Suffolk toplines​
12 20 MACP Remote Work
10 20 Ipsos Covid Plus
​10 20 MassInc Education
​10 20 UMA toplines
9 20 MassInc Boston Mayoral
​8 20 Data For Progress state D primary toplines tables
8 20 SurveyUSA state D primary & tables
8 20 UMA state D primary US Senate toplines tables
​8 20 UMA state D primary candidate qualities toplines
​8 20 UMA general issues toplines
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​8 20 Emerson general & D primary toplines tables
​8 20 UML state D primary toplines tables
8 20 MassInc general RCV w/Auto toplines
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​8 20 MassInc should schools open toplines
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7 20 JMC state D primary toplines & tables
​7 20 MassInc state Latinx residents toplines
​7 20 MassInc general Fav Unfav toplines
​7 20 MassInc general transportation policy toplines
​6 20 MassInc state parents higher ed plans toplines
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5 20 MassInc state residents housing issues toplines
​5 20 MassInc state residents transportation issues toplines
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​3 20 MassInc BC Covid Tracker 1-4 wks state residents toplines
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3 20 MassPOPS general toplines
​3 20 Suffolk general residents
2 20 Suffolk state D primary Bellwether Waltham toplines 
2 20 Suffolk state D primary toplines
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​2 20 MassInc state R primary toplines
2 20 UML state D primary toplines tables
2 20 UMA general D primary toplines  
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1 20 MassPOPS general & D primary toplines  
The Vanguard Democrats in MA are about 22% of the electorate and punched above their weight all season because of their intense anti Trump animus, which the media loved, but were surprised by the surge of the Democratic Big Middle. Read our December MassINC piece.
We've been tracking this since 2018 and, while it hasn't moved as of 3/16 we are keeping an eye on immigration attitudes.

Which is closer to your view about immigration policy?

Reduce LEGAL & ILLEGAL immigration
Reduce ILLEGAL not LEGAL immigration                                 NS/DK                                         
A gender vote refuses to consolidate for female candidates, even at home 
3/3 CNN MA Exit Poll

Share of Women's vote in MA primary 
Warren    40%
Biden       38%
Sanders  22%

Right choice to get out early
"Should Warren drop out if she loses the MA primary?" 
3/20 MassPOPS D primary

Strongly & Somewhat Agree      65%
Strongly& Somewhat Disagree  28%
10/19 WBUR D primary Pres/Senate
9/19 Suffolk D primary Pres/Sen 
8/19 MassPOPS general politics
8/19 MassPOPS general CVS
​7/19 WBUR greater Boston media
7/19 MassPOPS general politics
6/19 MassPOPS general housing
6/19 Suffolk general abortion
6/19 MassPOPS Impeachment
5/19 MassPOPS general politics
5/19 WBUR general politics
4/19 Emerson general & D primary toplines tables
​Created by Princeton Research Associates
He didn't want to do it, the polls made him do it. Joe was hoping for Liz to leave as President or take her place in a D administration in 2020. He also knew that Ed was in a career countdown, even if Ed didn't, and he was willing to wait. 

However, two polls in 2018 showing Ed at 26% against Healy and Moulton, also at 26%, meant that someone, literally anyone might beat Markey, think Liss-Rioden. If a low visibility contender started to climb in the polls it could draw the attention of a more serious contender, think Pressley. If elected they become Senior Senator, if Liz was gone, and a national figure if it was a woman, especially a black woman. 

As for a rational, he should have just said it sooner, it's the times we live in, and after all, it was the family business.
3 20 MassInc ToplinesCrosstabsPartyRegion

Favorable Unfavorable
Job Approvals 
Right Direction Wrong Track
In late Feurary Baker was locked in a fight for control of the party in the March primary, which he lost, and his favorability was 50%. By mid April, at the begining of the covid crisis, he shot to 72% among Republicans. Since then he has been sliding back to earth. 
March 1. 2020 results Markey 55% Kennedy 45%
9 21 Policy for Progress MassINC
​9 21 Suffolk Boston Mayoral
8 21 Emerson Boston Mayoral
6 21 Suffolk Boston Mayoral
4 21 Suffolk State Issues
3 21 UMA Covid toplines
2 21 Fiscal Alliance R D primaries

Region X State
Region X Gender
Region X Party

Worcester West
“We haven’t seen anything. She remains a perfect political chalice, but it’s not clear what’s inside,” said Lou DiNatale, a veteran Massachusetts pollster tracking the Democratic gubernatorial primary between Healey and state Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz of Jamaica Plain. “People are looking for leadership. It’s got to be a combination of what she did — and what she’s going to do.”
Two months in, Maura Healey’s pitch for Mass. governor is light on the details.
By Matt Stout and Samantha J. Gross  April 9, 2022
China’s international image remains broadly negative as views of the U.S. rebound
Most citizen's think it is more important for their nation to have strong economic ties with the U.S. than with China, except Singapore & New Zealand
Sonia Chang Diaz
Geoff Diehl
Chris Doughty
Maura Healy

Worcester West
The Democrats' Common Sense Problem
Voters think they've abandoned it

The statement "Equality of opportunity is a fundamental American principle; equality of outcome is not" was tested in the very liberal state of Massachusetts by pollster Louis DiNatale who found that Massachusetts voters overall agreed.
Ruy Teixeira
7-in-10 Americans Now See Russia as an Enemy
        70% of Americans now consider Russia an enemy of the United         States, up from 41% in January.
April 5-8  2022 CBS/YouGov.
The state of the economy is clearly top of mind for most Americans, as 76% percent said that the economy should be a high priority for the country.
March 2022  Economist/YouGov
Only 11% of Americans believed the pandemic would get worse, compared to 31 percent who felt the same at the start of January. 
Massachusetts Poll Archives
Climate Change continues to fail to grab the public's attention.
4 22 MassInc 
​No one knows their Sheriff's name, except in Bristol County and that could be a problem for him 
4 22 N=970 Beacon Research
What Russians think of the war in Ukraine
independent Russian pollster April 18, 2022 
50% definite support but he sees shock and anxiety across the entire group.
Americans’ View of Russia More Negative Than Ever Before

Biden Favorability average of all polls
Approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job?
Some kids are not OK after 3 years of covid.
4 22 N=243 families raising children ages 6-26 years Parent Profession Advocacy League
Baker's favorability among DEMOCRATS is 78% 
4 22 UML D Primary 
A new poll from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows Perdue trailing Kemp by an astonishing 53-to-27 percent among likely voters in next month’s GOP primary. 

2018-2022 MassTrackers
Ukraine can win this war, NATO chief says; Finland and Sweden move to join military alliance. May 16 2022
The big picture
Biden’s approval ratings, worries about inflation and pure
exhaustion have Democrats bracing for potential losses
Massachusetts: right direction or wrong track?
April 22 Suffolk Massachusetts  
N=800 residents          

Right direction
Wrong track

Republican Plymouth County DA  could be in trouble. 5 22 MassPOPS N=125 likely general election voters 

If the election for Plymouth District Attorney were held today and the candidates were...  for whom would you vote? 

Republican Timothy Cruz            
Democrat Rahsaam Hall